Signature Massage

A body massage designed to reduce stress and relieve muscle tension. Uses a combination of Swedish and pressure point techniques with warm herbal compressions for a relaxing massage.
30 Minutes $45 
55 Minutes $70 
90 Minutes $98

Deep Tissue Massage

A Signature Massage with an incorporation of deep kneading and therapeutic work.

30 Minutes $50
55 Minutes $80
90 Minutes $110 

Aromatherapy Massage

Our Signature Massage with blended essential oils that are applied for an overall calming, sensual, or energizing effect on the body and mind.

30 Minutes $48
55 Minutes $75 
90 Minutes $105

Steam Towel Massage

Begins with a luxurious, steamy towel application all over the body and incorporates our Signuture Massage for an intense rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.

55 Minutes $78
90 Minutes $105

Heated Stone Massage

A hot oil stone massage originated from traditional Native American healing art, concentrating on relieving tension areas caused by stress. Total body relaxation.
55 Minutes $88 
90 Minutes $120

Pregnancy Massage

Full body massage tailored for the mother-to-be, stimulates circulation and provides a sense of heightened relaxation for the mother and new baby.
30 Minutes $50 
55 Minutes $75

Couples Massage

Signature Massage for Two
30 Minutes $95
55 Minutes $145
90 Minutes $200
Aromatherapy Massage for Two
55 Minutes $150
90 Minutes $208
Heated Stone Massage for Two
55 Minutes $180

Express Massages

A good introduction to massage and perfect for targeting specific areas

20 Minutes $35

Neck Massage– Loosens the tight neck feeling so that you can relax

Foot Massage– restores circulation to tired, achy feet.

Shoulder Massage– melts aways tension from hunching over a computer.

Sinus Therapy– uses steam compresses infused with essential oild followed by a pressure point massage to alleviate sinuses.
Scalp Massage– sensory pleasure and stress free relaxation.
Hand Massage– reduces pain associated with keyboard usage.

Chair Massage

Can be done at your office or in the spa. An instant stress reliever performed by a therapist, on a massage chair while you remained fully clothed
$1 per minute
On location fee: $35 per therapist needed for local event

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